Monday, January 31, 2011

Farewell to our Odd Girls!

Well, today is a sad day at SOG. We have to say goodbye to our current team. These girls have been fabulous and fun and dedicated and I am proud to have been able to call them Odd Girls! Each of them brought a uniqueness to the team that can't be replaced. I've made a collage of some of mine and their fav cards to show you what I mean...

I hope each of you have enjoyed being inspired by their talent as much as I have. And I hope they enjoyed being with us as much as I enjoyed having them. So a big THANK YOU goes out to them and all my hugs and good luck in anything else each put their hand to in the future because I know they'll knock it out of the park!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Scallops Galore!

Our winners for our Embossing Challenge can be found HERE :)

Our Odd Girls have had great fun with our next challenge and since it seems to be all the rage right now in card-land we thought we'd throw it out and see how much fun you can have with SCALLOPS! We 'd like to see scallops galore, the more the better! Here's how our Odd Girls took the task...

Kimmy proves all you need is Love

Kristy used Sweet Tiny Tia for a sweet card

Cassandra found some perfect papers for some Royal Love

Robin Mc used Night Out Mae for an elegant creation

So can you rock out the scallops? Show us your project so we can see the results! This challenge will run thru February 8th so make sure to link it up, make it new and link back to this post so more peeps can play along! You don't have to have a Some Odd Girl digi to play along but since you get an extra entry if you do, and we have a freebie on the site right now, there is no reason not to! 

Embossing Challenge Winners!

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled programing :) Last week was certainly a BLAST! I'd like to thank the Odd Girls and everyone who participated for making Anniversary Week so much fun!

We had a ton of entries for our Embossing challenge! WOW! With 68 entries into the hat (remember, you get 2 entries for using a Some Odd Girl Digi on your project) our winner is...

Chris, please email me at with your 2 picks from our shop!

We had a lot of fabulous entries so it was super hard for me to pick 2 favs to share! But I persevered and came up with two fun picks to share! Both are fun and completely different :) first we have a cute baby card by Wendy from SugarPea Designs:

Isn't it adorable? And the coloring is super! Gotta love the big bow too :) Our next fav is super cute and caught my eye with the fun layers and big sentiment:

What a great color scheme! So sherbety and yummy looking! Sally from Sal's Bits and Bobs has an eye for fun layering and coloring. If both fav's could email me at with your user name for our site (so I can add your SOG Points) I will get you our fav blinkie! Thanks so much for playing with us! Come back in just a short while for our next challenge! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Tinies Contest Winner!

I 100% forgot about announcing the My Tiny Contest winner with the Anny Week Winners yesterday! I had lots of fun looking at all the cuties and our winner is...

How perfect is that picture? CA-UTE! Awilda, please email me at to collect your prize of 5 digis of your choice!  Thanks so much for playing everyone!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Anniversary Week WINNERS!

Wow! My biggest thanks to everyone who played along with us last week! I've tried to make sure to comment on every entry and there were some definite STUNNERS in there! What was your fav from last week? Mine? Definitely Kids Day! I loved seeing everyone's cuties getting crafty in the mix and having fun with their Momma's :) So sweet!

Let's get started with some winners as we've got a long way to go! Starting with the daily challenges and finishing with our two big prizes...

Monday's Poll was Who is your favorite Some Odd Girl character and why? (Kaylee, Mae, Tia, Tobie, Kody Ollie, etc) and you could get extra entries by doing some simple things :) Our winner is...

Congrats Sal and great reason to love Tobie! :)

Tuesday marked our first challenge for the week, 1 Digi 3 Ways, and we had a ton of solid entries! You guys totally rawked this and I am proud that you all took it on! Our winner is...

Carley from The Real iCarley! Congrats! Your yummy treat bag and the different sweater patterns are adorable! 

For Wednesday you were asked to show some SOGgy pride by making a project with our colors. I loved how many different ways I saw this done, such creativity! The winner is.....

Tricia from Tricia's Treasures! Congrats! I loved the yummy ball trim and how you worked the color combo! Kody looks awesome!

Thursday was Kids Day Domination! We have some of the cutest lil ones entered EVER! You all don't realize how many times I called my poor hubs over when I awwwwwed at the cuties :) Just so much adorable! The winner of our Kids Day challenge and who will have to ask their kidlette to share their winnings with them is....

Sharette and daughter Lynette! You've got a serious artist on your hands momma! Keep up the fun! Congrats!

Friday you had to pick Some Odd elements and wrap them all together into one project, not the easiest task depending what you picked :) Our winner for them AND their friend ($9 gift certs each!) is...

Casey from Momma's Gonna Lose It! A blog title which all mommas can relate! :) I loved her big beautiful bow and the mix of patterns! Too cute!

Saturday brought us the last challenge of the week in a tiny package, make a mini card! No small feat that! You'd need more than a little inspiration to pull that off! Ok... I've made enough tiny puns HA. Our winner is.....

Nat from Doodles by Noodles! She is making these CA-UTE minis for her daughters Valentine's Day cards for school. How freakin cute an idea is that? Gotta love it! Congrats Nat!

Wow! That is the winners for all our daily challenges! I hope everyone had great fun playing along! I loved seeing all the different takes everyone had on the challenges :) This brings us to our two big prizes for the week. The prize pack from lovely Cosmo Cricket and the $50 gift certificate to

Ok, who wants the Cosmo prize pack? Want a lil refresher?

Very yummy stuff! My big thanks again to Lindsay for supplying this prize for us! Our winner is, out of 145 possible entries...


and the winner of the $50 gift cert to is....

All winners, please email me at with what challenge you won so we can start getting your prizes out to you! 

I don't know about you guys but I am all tuckered out! This was too fun and I can't wait to see how we grow this year and what our next anniversary can bring! Congrats to all our winners and thanks to everyone who played along and left such wonderful well wishes! I lurv you all! Join us Thursday for the last challenge of this term for our current Odd Girls  and you still have plenty of time to enter into our embossing challenge going on now! I've also got tons of emails to send to applicants so be on the look out this week for those!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anniversary Week Challenge - Mini Card Challenge!

As we are winding down the week we have one more small, some might even call it mini, challenge for you: Make a Mini Card. What is that? For the purpose of this challenge a mini card is a card that is 3" x 4" or SMALLER. It must have a Some Odd Girl digi but other than that size requirement, sky's the limit! A small sky :)

Our Odd Girls have put a lot of fun into some tiny packages...

Small can be fun too!  Let's see all the creativity you can put into a small size. Just like all our challenges this week your entry is due to be linked up by the end of day January 23 EST and for all our challenges this week you MUST use a Some Odd Girl digi. Need a new digi for the challenge? Check out what sale might be going on in the shop!  

The prize for this challenge is not so small. Not only does an entry here get you an entry for our big giveaway *coughcosmocricketoozakcough* but you'll be entered to win a $10 gift certificate to 2Peas in a Bucket and 3 digis of your choice from our shop! That is definitely NOT small beans! or peas ;)

Well my lovelies, this is our last challenge for the week! I hope you've had tons of fun and will work on getting all your entries in before our deadline. Also, Thank You one and all for making our first year so much awesome fun! If I think about it too much I'm gonna get all choked up so I'll just say: Come on back Monday where I will announce our winners!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Anniversary Week Challenge - Some Odd Elements

Here is another fun challenge for all you folks out there! We've done this on our Digi Day before and everyone had a great time so I'm bringing it to Anny Week!Its simple, pick 3 elements from the list (each beginning with a letter from SOME ODD GIRL) and pull them together into a project with a SOG Digi. Here's the list of Elements:

Shaped Card (any shape but square or rectangular)
Organza Ribbon
Die Cut
Ric rak
Layers (at least 4 on your creation)

Easy Peasy right? Definitely! Here what some of our Odd Girls have done:

Marcie using Tree
Shaped Card, Orange, and Organza

die cut, glitter, ink

shaped card, organza ribbon, embossing, orange, doodling, die cut, glitter, ink

Shaped Card, Orange, 4 layers, Doodling, Embossing, Die Cut, Glitter

Let's see what awesome combo you can come up with! Just like all our challenges this week your entry is due to be linked up by the end of day January 23 EST and for all our challenges this week you MUST use a Some Odd Girl digi. Need a new digi for the challenge? Check out what sale might be going on in the shop! 

For this challenge you will be playing for another fun prize! And don't forget, all challenge entries also get you an entry into our big prize draws. The winner of our color challenge win be receiving a $9 gift certificate to our shop to spend as you please AND a friend of the winner's choice will also get a $9 gift certificate! You might be the new popular girl on the block, so find your besty and get your entry in!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anniversary Week Challenge - Kids Day!!!

Who here feels like a really big kid when you bust out your coloring sheet and markers or pencils and sit down at your table and spend some time in the land of red, blue and yellow?

ME! and I love it!

C'mon! You do too! The simple and pure fun of coloring can't be denied. But like we all know, the love grew up with us from the days that we were tiny ourselves. One of the most fun things I've seen since starting Some Odd Girl is when the kids get involved in the crafting! Either just coloring and image in full sheet size or making their own lil card. Can you think of anything cuter? Me either :) Here is one my daughter made, notice its a lefty card and she had to write her own name on it lol!

There as been a couple times this past year where my hubby has done a kids coloring contest at work and of course comes to me to provide the coloring sheets. I'm more than happy to help! With the last one that occurred this summer, I got to keep the entries, a great example of todays challenge:

and my last example comes again from my daughter who loves to come and ask me for coloring sheets and she picks her image and I print it for her full page. Its really simple to do! On your PNG or JPEG of the image and right click. On the menu that drops down just select Print and windows print program will bring up your image with size options, just pick the one you want and send it to the printer! Great for when you are trying to color and you child wants to as well.

My daughter of course then had to show me that she could draw her own :) Loves her! 

So the challenge is just this: get the kids involved! Have you child color an image, make a card, or whatever they like! As long as it contains a Some Odd Girl Digi that they've made their own that's an entry in! Your entries here all get added to the big draw so share some crop time with your lil ones, you know they love coloring just as much as you do! Link it up below by January 23rd, end of day.  The winner of this challenge will get an appropriate prize of 2 Tinies of their very own NEVER BEFORE SEEN. Both are a part of our Spring release on March 1st.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anniversary Week Challenge - Color Pride!

Today, as part of our Anniversary celebration, we have a color challenge that is near and dear to our hearts. We want you to show your Odd Pride by making a project with the color scheme that has been with us, in one way or another, since the beginning:

A couple of our Odd Girl have shown their Odd Pride:

Robin using Unicorn

Kristy using the Mushes

Just like all our challenges this week your entry is due to be linked up by the end of day January 23 EST. and for all our challenges this week you MUST use a Some Odd Girl digi. Need a new digi for the challenge? Check out what sale might be going on in the shop! 

For this challenge you will be playing for another fun prize! And don't forget, all challenge entries also get you an entry into our big prize draws. The winner of our color challenge will be receiving a color matching assortment of Sassafras Goodies shipped direct from 2Peas:

You don't want to miss this so link up and play along and invite your friends (unless you want to keep it all to yourself lol)! 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Odd History and Mini Blog Hop

Well today is the day! HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! *throws confetti and blows party whistle* You'll find our mini hop alllllllll the way at the bottom :)

Today, 2010, was the day we turned the website on, put out the shopping cart and officially opened for biz. :) What a scary thing to do but also exhilarating! What if no one came? What if the site breaks down? What if what if what if what if.... that is about all you hear in your mind as you open up shop with such high hopes. Since this is our one year mark and I guess I like to reminisce I wanted to give a lil past, present and future for us as we go into year two.

Some Odd Girl may have opened its doors on January 18th, 2010 but its inception date was much, much earlier.  In the late spring, early summer of 2009, a couple of my besties got together and apparently hatched a plan :) I say hatched a plan bc it took a lil effort to come into fruition, not just a run and tell type plan. I've always been an artsy chick and had just a couple months prior gotten into stamping and making cards. You know what that means, no stamps of my very own to create with! So I was scouring the internet with my friend Leah looking for what I wanted to bring home. I'm not sure, maybe she and Miss Adina will fill us in in the comments, if this was what sparked the thought or what but I found somethings I liked but nothing I was super crazy for. We three chatted regularly online and one day I got a card in the mail from lovely Adina, who doesn't love gifties and handmade love delivered directly to your door? We'll inside was a awesome handmade card and a lil something extra I never expected (sneaky girls!), a red rubber stamp of one of my drawings! This one to be exact...

click to see it bigger :)
I've always done realistic line drawings, even if the subject matter was more make believe :) , and never really thought about combining the two hobbies. That is what my friends were suggesting. I was like, eh, whatever for a lil while but then the idea became stuck in my brain, as things tend to do, and I started sketching. I didn't really want something so serious for my stamps so I started in a different direction entirely. Sometime in August 2009 I had some sketches I liked to show them...

You thought I was going to show you something that looked like Kaylee huh? LOL! Nope, these were the first thoughts...someone said they looked like the Mii's from the Wii, which me never having a Wii (just got one at Chrimbo this year!) was like the what?? I was never quite happy with this entirely so I went back to the drawing board. I looked around at a lot of different styles and what I liked. It was a long while it seemed before I was finally satisfied with something enough to show it to my hubby and pitch him the whole crazy idea.  While I might be able to draw it, he has always been my go to guy to put my crazy ideas into action. Poor hubs! The saying "dream it, do it" has always been part one me, part two him :) So the first Kaylee was born!

This Kaylee is still up on the site for sale as I feel like I can't take her down, its  history! lol I kept drawing different versions of Kaylee and I finally got a scanner and made the first digis and then my first Some Odd Girl card :)

I didn't have copics then and you can tell I had alot to learn about coloring! Still do :) We opened up shop on Jan 18th with 35 digis that were Kaylees, Kodys, Critters and Confections. I'm not even sure how many we have now but I'm sure its gotta be more than 35 :) I took on my first DT in March last year (Kimmy, Marcie and Robin were all on the first team, putting up wit my newbie-ness) and have been plugging along since. Kaylee has gained a new friend, Mae, and everyone has updated their looks a bit. The site has had 3 makeovers, I'm purty happy with this one even though I still see some room for improvement :) (poor hubs!) . 

The future for Some Odd Girl? Or SOG as Leah and I started affectionately calling it sometime ago and has spread lmao! Still makes me laugh! Anyways, 2011 is going to be bringing a few things to the preverbial table. Most notably we will be going physical! Photopolymer Acrylic stamps to be precise :) You can see in Robin McKinleys post HERE her take on one of the samples I received from the manufacturer. The 4 girls, with me since the beginning, each got one to give me their opinions on. We are hoping to have it ready to go in the next couple months! SO exciting! Each one will be a single with a coordinating sentiment, totally ready to go card making!

Also the name, if you've noticed on our Facebook, Some Odd Girl Stamps and Designs will finally be fufilled when the design site, www.someoddgirldesigns , gets up and running hopefully in the next few weeks :) This site won't have stamps but other handmade goods for sale. I've been busy makin stuff for it so I hope you'll check back! 

Our last change, so far, for 2011 will be the blog. This blog :) We will still be hosting bi-weekly Challenges as we have for a long time but we will also be having more features and projects and more action! We are going to be having regular Guest Odd Girls and be featuring SOGgy Sightings from around the web. There's more in the works but you get the idea :) 

Are you excited? I am! The Odd Girls are!

To close up today we have a mini blog hop for you :) Each of the Odd Girls has posted their favorite Some Odd Girl Cards they've made during their terms, some are longer terms than others lol! So hop thru the list and see what's in store. I don't even know what we'll find!

Thanks so sticking around for the long read :) Like I said, I like to reminisce. This time and this company have become my world and I'm so glad I'm getting to share it with so many wonderful, supportive, people!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Anniversary Week Challenge - 1 Digi 3 Ways

Welcome back Oddies! This is our first, and maybe toughest, challenge of the week :) Don't let that scare you away! It only SOUNDS tough but its really all about what people who love digis love about digis: versatility! I want you to take 1 digi and use it in 3 different ways. You could make 3 projects, using the digi differently on each like you'll see Robin doing OR 1 digi in 3 different ways on the same project kinda like what Cassandra did. What do I mean by "different ways"? Well, the beauty of digis is that you can flip then, make them HUGE, make them tiny, make a background, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! I know you all have great imaginations so use it! Robin and Cassandra and I have taken up the torch with a few examples:

Robin made these 3 projects featuring Unicorn

Cassandra is showing the versatility of a tasty Cupcake

See its not hard! Just make sure we can see the "different ways" and you'll be in! Just like all our challenges this week your entry is due to be linked up by the end of day January 23 EST. and for all our challenges this week you MUST use a Some Odd Girl digi. Need a new digi for the challenge? Check out what sale might be going on in the shop!

What are you playing for? I know I've got some goodies up my sleeve! First, since its the toughest challenge of the week, I've got not only 3 digis of your choice from Some Odd Girl, but a $10 gift certificate to! C'mon, you know you were going to shop there anyway, best price on Copics hands down! So you can put it towards your next order :)