Thursday, May 6, 2010

Style Challenge #2 - THE 80s!

G'Mornin Oddies! We had an even bigger turn out this past challenge and even more of you were sportin your Odd best! This is literally a THRILLING journey we are on here! I lurv all you Odd Girls and hope you are enjoying Kaylee, Mae, Kody and the crew! :) Like I said, larger turn out and the winner of our Stash Challenge: no pattern paper is.....

She brought us this fabby creation, with Robo Heart:

Email me at to claim your winnings! Congrats!

We had some SUPER entries this time around as well so it was super tough to pick our favs! But pick we must...

Kristy's Fav:
Piali with this last minute entry!

Leah's Fav:
Deanne for this yummy textured cupcake creation:

Congrats favs! Email to get the code for your Oddies Fav Blinkie and display it proudly!!! FABULOUS entries all around!!!

Being a child of the 80s, I have vague recollections of teasing my bangs in the 6th grade and wearing black shirt and skirt with splatter paint all over it and loving my leg warmers! The 80s have come back in full swing and what more fun and freedom can we give you for a Style Challenge than that! Heck, you didn't even have to worry about colors coordinating in the 80s! LOL!!! Be that as it may, the Odd Girls found it a toughie. See what you think...

Kimmy dreamt back to the days of Frankie Says Tees
to bring you this card featuring Round Belly

Marcie was just a wee baby in the 80s and channeled that age
and some Molly Ringwald Pretty In Pink featuring Sheepy

Jennifer is spinning records with the big cushy headphones
(that I had!!!) and rockin out with Punky Kaylee

Shelly TOTALLY brought the 80s vibe with the bright colors
that Shopping Kaylee craves!

Robin brings us Fairy Mae channeling Madonna
with Mesh Glove and all!

Ann brings Mae as Alice into the 80s with the day-glo
hair and hot zebra print!

Kristy (me LOL) thinks of hair bands and cassette tapes (pocket rocker anyone?)
when she thinks of the 80s. Rockin Kody is the perfect choice for the task!

Leah also went day-glo and gave Sweet Kaylee a neon green tulle bustle to match her socks (and quoted the Simple Minds song from The Breakfast Club - love those John Hughes films!).

So do you think you can handle it? I KNOW you can!!! Remember, if you use a Some Odd Girl image on your entry it is good for TWO entries! Don't have one? Well what are you waiting for! Head on over and grab our May freebie, Cherry Sprinkles! You have until May 19th at midnight EST to get your NEWLY-CREATED project entered, and you can win 2 FREE IMAGES of your choice!!! We are getting ready and loading new images into the site right now so I may just come back and revise the prize with a "get-it-before-you-can-win-it" digi! Keep an eye out for that!

Let's see what you've got! STAY ODD!



  1. OMG, this line up is so FRIGGIN SWEET! I love everyone's project.

  2. All the DT's projects are so totally fab!! ahhh the 80's... so many oldies but goodies to think about!! Have that song from the Breakfast Club in my head now! The Simple Minds are still going strong... saw them in Dublin earlier this year! Great Gig! Also, delighted that the random generator gods have been shining down on me this week!!! Cheers, Robin

  3. I am super excited to see Robin's Card has won the last challenge as I loved it!!!

    And whoooooohoooooo on all those fabulous 80's inspired DT cards - now I cannot wait to see what entries we will be getting!

  4. Wow!!! Thank you so much for picking my card as one of the faves. I'm totally in love with SOG digis...I've two girls and they ask me to color Mae like them...this one was for my little one with big brown eyes.

  5. o-m-g...

    All I thought of was Pointy Madonna bras!! HAHA, ok I am totally going to have fun with this one!! Thanks for a "rockin" challenge lovies!!

  6. i just love the 80's!!! i love everything about it including these cards!!

  7. Oh I *loved* the 80's and I love this challenge :)

  8. All you Odd girls often brighten my day so I gave you a little sunshine award... you can check it out on my blog, cheers, Robin

  9. I FINALLY got to play along!! With 4 hours to spare might I add! I love how it tells us how long we have before submissions close! It's exciting!! Ok, loved this challenge, hope you like my card!

  10. Congratulations Karen! I loved that card - the phone just did it for me :)

    Loved the other entries too.

    Such fun new challenge, I hope to see oodles of participants