Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hol-ODD-day Blog Hop!

Welcome to the first Some Odd Girl Hol-ODD-day Blog Hop! We're having this hop to not only show some love for all our Oddies this holiday season but to have a hop that includes them! So take a hop thru our list and make sure to leave comments at every stop because the Odd Girls have some prizes to give away to celebrate but you have to complete the list to be entered.

We are starting here at the Some Odd Girl Blog and are ending up at Kristy's Blog and I am SURE along the way you'll see some amazing projects! So here is our hop list for today...

1. SOG Blog
2. Kimmy
3. Margie
4. Andrea 
5. Leah 
6. Corry 
7. Sally
8. Yvonne
9. Meredith
10. Tanya
11. Robin Mc
12. Jennifer 
13. Donna
14. Marcie 
15. Asa
16. Zarah 
17. Tanya 
18. Mary
19. Denise
20. Robin F
21. Diana
22. Jan
23. Cassie
24. Kellie
25. Kristy

The hop runs thru December 1 at 6pm. The Odd Girls will have their winners posted December 2 on their blogs. 

Along with the fun we are having hoppin along today I've got some other fun things for you. 

First I'd like to introduce you to our first Guest Odd Girl Corry Smyrski! Corry has taken part in alot of our challenges and Digi Day and we dig her style! Welcome to the Odd Girls for December! She will be participating in our challenges and I will be posting a fun feature about her too! Corry is also getting some fun digis to play with as a Guest Odd Girl! You will be hopping to her blog today so don't forget to give her a big CONGRATS!

Next on our list, our free Ecards are now LIVE! Handcoded by my hubby (gotta give him props, it wasn't easy!), we have 3 fun Ecards that you can customize and send along to your friends! Also, if you like the images you see, just hop on over to the shop and pick up either the uncolored version(s) or fully colored version(s) for super easy Christmas card making! 

Next I'd like to announce a fun little contest that you can play along with now thru January 16th.

I've gotten alot of email from people who love the Tinies because Tia looks like their daughter, niece or granddaughter and Tobie looks like thier son, nephew or grandson. LOVE IT! So my ever thinking hubby says "you should have a contest where people color a Tia or a Tobie and use it on a card to look like their child and have them post a picture to show the likeness." Of course I was all over the idea! So that's what we are going to do. To be eligible you need to create a card/project using Tobie or Tia colored up to look like your lil one. In your blog post entry, you must have a pic of your lil one to compare. Then just link it up in the contest post for all of us to OOOOO and AWWWWW over :) Don't forget to grab our blinkie too! Here is an example of what we're looking for...

Your project and a comparison either in one piccy or side-by-side. That is my Tiny man Kenton holding his super Tobie card. He did ask me "why is he wearing his panties on top of his pants?" Awkward that lol. Anyways, show us your Tinies and during our Anniversary Celebration week (January 16th - 22nd) we will announce the winner with a fun prize! Join our My Tiny contest and have FUN!

Last fun bit for you, we are announcing our next DT Call. Our sweet Odd Girls' term in ending at the end of January :( So I'd like to invite everyone to apply, for all the deets please click HERE. The call will run thru January 14th and the new team will be announced February 1st. Check it out and spread the Odd Word!

Are you still here? Get to hoppin! Kimmy is your first stop!

just so our hoppers know, only our Odd Girls are not eligible to win the prizes along the way :)


  1. WOW! Lots of fun stuff happening here! WooHoo! xxD

  2. Wohoooo! The hooooop! :D
    *bounces and hops, all in one*

    ...aaaand CONGRATS Corry - I'm so looking forward to seeing what you're gonna make! :D

  3. I really like the contest idea :)
    Nice to see that many things are going on here and thanks for the fun at the hop.

  4. Looks like a really fun blog hop...the super hero card is sooo stinkin' cute!! :)

  5. Great contest idea,thanks for the hop!

  6. Yea, the hop is on!!! LOVE the ecard idea!!! Thank you! The contest is very cool also! I'm going to hop...

  7. Congrats to Carry! Looking foward for your lovely projects!

    I've been home with a cold and fever for several days now and I'm sad that I didn´t join you in this hop. But now I can see what everybody else has done, and it's going to be superfun!

  8. OMG I LOVE this card and that image....my boys would have the best hoot over it!

  9. cute tiny contest ;) i suppose tia could look like caitlyn...hhmmm..may have to think about that!

  10. Oh my what a super cute idea!!! I love that!

  11. Oh love all the yummies you have goin on over here! the contest sounds super fun...now i need a tiny:)

  12. Great contest! I already did a few Tobie's to look like Nate, but of course will do a special one just for this contest! Off to hop with everyone.

    Love all the new stuff, btw. Great news on all fronts!

  13. So many fun activities over here! :) Love the creativity I saw on the hop!

  14. The contest sounds like so much fun and Im super excited about the dt call. well off to hop!!! xxxx

  15. This is gonna be soooo much fun!
    And Im looking forward to see a lot of inspiration!

  16. Just finished the hop and it was awesome. so much talent out there! Now im feeling so inspired I dont know where to start and what to create first. thanks for organising this hop and letting me take part xxx

  17. Love this card took me last night and then this morn to finish but well worth it, an amazing hop to be sure!! Thank so much.


  18. Cool card! Tinies are too adorable, hope to participate in the contest. How fun!

  19. I had to come back and say thanks for a great hop - lots of awesome eye candy!!

  20. ooo how fun! i love this hop idea!

  21. Wow have just found your blog and so glad that I have will be definitely be buying some of your gorgeous stamps in the future

  22. What a fabulous card (and wonderful contest!)

  23. Love the Tiny contest idea . . gonna try to participate . . . can't wait to see how that turns out!