Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meet Chrissy!

Welcome back! Sorry about the no show yesterday Oddies! We had a crazy lightning storm Monday night and had a strike super close (so close I heard the crackle before the boom!) and it fried our DSL modem. SO thanks to verizon, UPS and 68 minutes on the phone today I am back on the internet! YAY!

Today is the last day to get in on our first challenge so if you are workin with it you'll have to get it in gear :) but more importantly today...

Let me introduce you to Chrissy!

I came across Chrissy on 2peas and searched out her blog and gently "prodded" her to enter our DT call. Her coloring skills are amazing and I could see how comfy she was with digis that I couldn't not push her LOL. I'm so glad she took me up on it and I'm thrilled to have her!

I'm 33 years old. I live in PA, and married with a 3 year old daughter. I've been in the scrapbooking hobby for quite some time, 9+ years. I was mostly into scrapbooking, but just recently decided to switch to cardmaking/coloring. When I was scrapbooking, I was also a stamp designer for various scrapbooking kit clubs, and was also a page designer for 5-7 design teams.

Due to some personal decisions I've decided to go purely cardmaking and coloring. I've been coloring for about 2-3 months. I've always loved coloring as a kid and now I guess I'm rediscovering it at another level and it has turned into a passion of mine. I'm fairly new at this hobby, but I feel like a natural at this.

My style...I like to color whimsical images most of all. I love to color people/kids. Some of the style I like you can look at my creations on my blog. As you can see on my blog, I pretty much color. I don't do elaborate cards and projects. I think the "coloring" part takes up most of my time, and I'm done after that. LOL. I make the cards fairly simple, so I can go on to coloring my next image! :)
 She wowed me with March's Freebie

If you didn't get Spike I bet after this I bet you wish you had! Chrissy has answered our Odd Questions too!

What makes you Odd? I love ladybugs stamps, but I'm really scared of them in real life.
If you were a thumbtack where would you stick yourself? I would stick myself in my pinky finger so I can remember 'to-do' things in my list. I'm very forgetful.

What ONE crafty item do you most identify with and why? My Copic collection. I've done many crafty things, but Copic coloring is my true love (besides my cutie hubby)

5 Random Facts about you! I love online window (uh monitor) shopping. I love air fresheners, I have one in every room. I loathe cooking. I love peanut butter, my hubby is allergic to it. It takes me hours to shop, I can never make up my mind.

If you had to choose between being colour blind or losing your sense of taste for the rest of your life, which would you choose? Why? Losing my sense of taste. Colors to me is window to the imagination. And how would I color with Copics if I can't see the colors? That would be really tough. Taste..... I need to lose weight, so who needs tastes anyway, right??

What fictional character is most like you? Definitely Lucy from Snoopy. I pick on people.... lol .

Our first for losing their taste I think!  My thought too and for the same reason HA! Well Chrissy has a special giveaway up on her blog for a get it before you can buy it image!

This is Mae as Alice! You can't get this digi until April 20 UNLESS you are the winner over at Chrissy's Blog! You HAVE to go thru her blog and look at all the great inspiration you can find! Not only does she have wonderful cards and amazing skills but she has some great links for anyone who is into copics or prism markers. I have alot of readin to do!

Stop on by tomorrow for our second Challenge that I know you'll love! Stay Odd!


  1. Chrissy is HUGELY talented!! Good call on picking her up!! Her coloring skills are rivaled by no other! She ROCKS!

  2. she's amazing! love her style and the colouring is just to DIE for!

    great to have you with us, Chrissy! :)

  3. wow!! She is amazing! Looking forward to seeing her stuff every week!

  4. Awesome coloring skills Chrissy! Heading over to your blog now to check out your work! Can't wait to see you around here every week! HUGs! Amy:)

  5. I am SO SO in love with Chrissy's colouring - she is DA BOMB and in my next life I would like to receive just an inkling of her amazing talent

  6. Awww you guys are way to kind. I wish I can buy everyone virtual pizzas. LOL Thank you!