Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting to know our first Guest Odd Girl!

We are so happy to have Corry with us for December as our first ever Guest Odd Girl! She's been a big SOGgy supporter and such a creative talent! To get to know her a lil better we've asked her a few questions and want to open it up to YOU to ask her some more. Here's how Corry answered our odd questions:

1) What color do feel represents your personality and why?
My fave color is brown. Does this represent my personality?.....perhaps......I'm a country girl at heart, grew up on a farm, small town living. Everything was made of wood in our house, even my dad became a wood worker of sorts---building furniture & painting them brown. Perhaps it grew on me. To this day, I am drawn to brown shades, however have been told I look good in yellow! lol

2) Is your style of dress/ home decor similar to your style of card making?
Yes, it's kinda all over the place, like my cards. I am not usually a clean cut, mod type person. I tend to change things up in my life ALL the time. Hubby hates when he comes home and the living room is changed around AGAIN. haha. I like to add lotsa embellies to my cards, which also resembles my home decor of a 'whole lot going on'....not just one style; but dress/clothes wise, I am as plain as they come. Sweats & a T !! That's me!

3) What one thing always puts you in a good mood?
Grocery shopping. Sounds corny I know (especially lugging 3 kids for the 1.5 hr ride to the big city-better deals).... but spending a whole wack of money on groceries & just knowing that for the next month we have enough food to make some healthy meals, makes me happy. Means hubby & I are providing well for our family.

4) What SOG character do you most identify with and why?
Ice Cream Tia. I haven't made a card with her yet, waiting for summer, you know. Cuz when I was growing up I always had a small vanilla cone dipped in chocolate almost every day after school. Then we I was old enough to get a job, one of my first places of employment was at that SAME ice cream store. MMMmmmmmmmm I love my ice cream!

5) Are you just a cardmaker or do you dabble in other crafts?
I also do scrapbooking. Tradtional & digital, but this has kinda fell at the wasteside since finding blogland. To give you an idea, one of my last scrapbooking pages was when my 3 yr old was 9 months! YA! Pretty bad.

6)Where do you find your inspiration?
I dunno, really. It just comes. I am not an artistic person by any means, but seeing all the lovely creations in blogland really gets me inspired to improve, to try a different style, to try a different color combo, to make something other than a card. I have had the privilege to be on some DT's with some amazingly talented ladies who inspire me daily with their kind words & fresh creations!!! (mwah) Also, when you have a good image to work with (like SOG digis), the inspiration just falls into place. ACTUALLY, I was thinking the other day, that it was the first SOG blog hop (was it a hop? where each SOG DT member shared a tip) that intrigued me to improve on my coloring & purchase some copics for skin & hair tones. I will never forget the feedback all the ladies gave me when I commented on their creations. I remember jumping back to that hop when I wondered what color copic I should use next!!! Pretty cool hey?!

So what would YOU like to know? Corry will be answering questions here in the comments :) She has also made a fabby project to showcase her talents!

Don't you just LOVE her pleated ribbon and super coloring of Tobie? We are happy to have her this month!


  1. It's so fun getting to know you, Corry! Congrats on your Guest DT position. I look forward to seeing more of your work. This card with Tobie is the cutest EVER! Your coloring looks great, and your details are amazing! xxD

  2. So happy to get to know you better Corry! Your card always make me happy and it's such a pleasure to have you as our guest this month

  3. Thanks Kim! I'm very please to be with you guys!

  4. it's FABULOUS, Corry! i love the ribbon treatment, the little airplane eyelets are too stinkin' adorable, and your attention to detail is just PERFECT. it's great to have you, girlie! xo welcome!

  5. Great interview!! Enjoyed reading it! Robin F.

  6. You girlz are just too darned sweet! Too bad I couldn't get in on the PCP/SNR Digi Day. I've had a killer of a headache for 2 days!! Ack! Gotta love winter here in Canada, we're drowing in snow and -30 degree weather!!!