Monday, February 21, 2011

Project Feature with Stacey Brady

Welcome to a new week Oddies! I hope you had a productive crafty weekend filled with fun! A couple heads up, our first SOG Only Challenge ends tomorrow night so don't waste time and get your entry in! Also our Retirement Sale that's going on now will only go thru the end of the week so if you want some of those images, at 50% off mind you, get them before they are gone FOREVER :)

Today I've got for you a fun project feature from our February Guest Odd Girl Stacey Brady. She has made an awesome Food Journal using Baker Kaylee and an A5 sized folder. Here's how Stacey describes it:

I decorated a little A5 folder to use as a food journal. I'm always watching what I eat (and often failing!) and so thought it might be nice to have a special place to scribble my food related notes.

What an awesome idea! Who "likes" going on a diet and watching what you eat? If you have to Stacey's right, MAKE IT FUN! You're going to be much more likely to reach for a folder that is as cute as this, with all the cupcakes on the spine and front and the fun happy colors than you would be if it were drab (like that salad with no dressing we've all had, am I right?) Now I know you're thinkin to yourself, what other things can I perk up with a  lil make over? Sky's the limit! Reach for it! Just make the things you surround yourself as happy as you want to be, like Stacey :)


  1. Too CUTE! I adore this - and I am bloooown away by the colouring! WOW!

  2. That is such a clever idea!!!! Robin

  3. very the addition of the cupcakes!

  4. How wicked is that folder and how DELICIOUS is the colouring??? fantastic work