Monday, September 26, 2011

Digi Release Reveal Week!

It's DAY ONE of Digi Release Reveal Week!
We're SO glad you're here, and we hope you love the new batch!

We have 14 new images coming your way starting TODAY! 14! HOLY COW!

We are also doing things slightly differently and having some extra fun with this release. Each day, Monday through Friday, we will be revealing 2-3 new digis HERE, on the Some Odd Girl challenge blog. But not only do you get to BUY the digis on the day of their reveal, you'll also get a special discount! On the day they are revealed they'll be available in the shop at 25% off FOR THAT DAY ONLY! That means today's reveals will ONLY be available on sale until the next reveals are posted, and then those will be available and on sale tomorrow! The sale will not be held over so stop back daily to see what's new and snatch them up at the sale price.

Let's start with some fun HALLOWEEN inspiration, shall we?

First off, we are excited to feature... Pumpkin Kody!
Just look at the fun our team have had with this little dude!

Isn't he just too cute with his jack-o-lantern? The girls did a fab job showing him in different ways :) Up next..... Halloween Tia!




Our little Tia looks so witchy! Doesn't Elena's "ghost" version look awesome? And for today's THIRD reveal, here's our last spooky-cutie... Mummy Tobie!

Tobie looks fab both in his halloween costume AND as the walking UNdead , don't you think?

So, we've kicked off the week with some spooky fun, and we have lots more excitement ahead for you Odd Friends! Now that you've seen today's Reveals, pop over to the shop to take advantage of the sale! Remember, these won't be on sale tomorrow so get them while you can! We'll see you back here tomorrow for 3 more Reveals :)


  1. oh these are just tooooooooooooo cute!! i love kody! going over to the shop now!

  2. HOLY COW TO,ahhahahaha
    theyre great
    i love it
    im so happy that i buy halloweenstuff at simonsays
    in holland we didnt have so much halloweenmaterial

  3. OMG! Love them! I have a little girl, so I just have to pop over and get Tia! Kody and Toby are awesome too, though! Can't wait to see tomorrow's! Nice of you to do the daily special deal. That way, I won't feel the checkbook pain of buying them all at once. LOL I'll just forget that the little numbers add up fast.

  4. Ok, seriously need them all!! How adorable is Halloween Tia! Fabulous job by the DT - you girls rock!

  5. Oh my word! I am seriously going to be BROKE! Broke I tell ya! These are adorable!

  6. omg their sooooo amazing.. i love halloween tia.. she is awesome!!

  7. omg Mummy Tobie & Halloween Tia adorable
    Tobie reminds me what i dressed my 2 oldest when they where little said "i love mummy" with a mummy on it too cute!!

  8. your killing me... halloween tia? really? i'm gonna die... srsly!!! sooo cute!!

  9. They are FANTASTIC! ...and I can't get over the fantabulous things the DT makes. SUCH a great team!