Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good morning, crafty people! How are you enjoying our newest Digi Reveals? Have you been taking advantage of the daily SALES at Well today we have two more new additions to the Some Odd Girl family, and you can grab them ON SALE right now! Remember, the sale only lasts for the day, so grab 'em if you need 'em, and them tomorrow we'll be back with more Reveals for you, and more stuff on sale!

Let's get WINTRY today, shall we? Our next two digis, available in the store right now, might make you want to grab a hot chocolate or coffee or tea - anything to warm you up! (toddy? hee hee!) Let's get things started!

Please welcome.... PENGUIN LOVE TIA!

And if you're not already feeling the chill, we KNOW this one will remind you of what's around the corner - winter is coming!



So! There you have it for today's reveals! Are you inspired to make your winter cards? Need something warm to drink? Hop on over to if you'd like to grab either (or both!) of these brand new digis ON SALE! And join us again tomorrow for one more fun day of Reveals! Happy crafting, friends!


  1. OMG, these are my fave so far!!! LOVE 'em both! xx

  2. Oooooh my goodeligoodness! Too cute! I don't know which one I love most!! (Okay... maybe the penguin... *grins*)